Soph's Botanicals was founded in 2020 with the mission of sharing the love for plants. Collecting many different varieties, and finding vibrant colors, house plants was a hobby of mine that quickly took over my home and one day turned into a business venture.
From there I started my small business! I shared with close friends and the news quickly spread! I started selling on instagram locally one plant drop at a time. Every week I would release a variety of plants and customers would go nuts!
I collaborated with local business' and had pop ups at their locations to spread the love. At these events, Im also educating customers on how to care for them. For example like what brightness you may need to what type of soil should be implemented to assure quality of life for our plants. We continue to still sell locally in New Bedford, MA, follow our instagram for live local updates. We offer quality shipping to everyone in the United States.
After lots of hard work and countless votes from our valued customers, we were voted Best of the Best of the South coast for BEST Garden Center, 2021.
We sell nothing but high quality house plants,
the cutest accessories for them and much much more! 
We're currently working on a new location to set up a Micro Shop for our local customers, but until then follow us for pop up events happening in the 2023 season!